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Accepted papers

  1. Intellectual Authorities and Hubs of Green Chemistry: Marcelino, Leonardo Victor; Pinto, Adilson Luiz and Marques, Carlos Alberto
  2. A Blockchain Approach to Social Responsibility: Bedin, Augusto R. C.; Queiroz, Wander; Capretz, Miriam; Mir, Syed
  3. A distributed tool for online identification of communities in co-authorship networks at a university: David, Nuno; Rodrigues, David; Cortinhal, Maria JoĂŁo
  4. A Method for Clustering and Predicting Stocks Prices by using Recurrent Neural Networks:Affonso, Felipe; Dias, Thiago; Adilson Luiz
  5. A methodology for creating a well-trained text corpus to enhance Named-Entity Recognition in Portuguese language: DE ARAUJO, Gustavo; Silva, Rogério, de Aquino; da Silva, Luana; Dutra, Moisés, Lima
  6. A strategy for co-authorship recommendation: Analysis Using Scientific Data Repositories: Affonso, Felipe; Dias, Thiago; Santiago, Monique
  7. An altmetric alternative for measuring the impact of university institutional repositories’ grey literature:Valles, Miguel; Velasco, Juan; Injante, Richard
  8. Analysis of the Influence of Sentiment Attributes on Fake News Identification: Aragão, Marcelo, Vinícius Cysneiros; Magri, Bianca, Lopes; da Silva, Isabela, Marçal; Barbosa, Wesley, Ribeiro; Castro, William, Pinheiro
  9. Concepts in Topics. Using Word Embeddings to leverage the outcomes of Topic Modeling for the exploration of digitized archival collections: Coeckelbergs, Mathias 
  10. Examining the Linking Patterns and Link Building Strategies of Mainstream and Alternative Online News Media in Central Europe: Hrckova, Andrea; Moro, Robert; Srba, Ivan; Bielikova, Prof. Maria
  11. Characterization of Women’s Scientific Participation in Brazil: Santiago, Monique, de Oliveira; Dias, Thiago, Magela Rodrigues; Affonso, Felipe
  12. Identification of the relationships between the stages of the Data Lifecycle and the principles of the General Data Protection Act: Freund, Gislaine, Parra; Fagundes, Priscila, Basto; Macedo, Douglas, Dyllon Jeronimo de
  13. Librarianship in the age of data science: data librarianship Venn diagram: Semeler, Alexandre; Pinto, Adilson, Luiz
  14. Organizational Learning in the Age of Data: Banasiewicz, Andrew
  15. Personal data protection and its reflexes on the data broker industry: Birckan, Guilherme; Godoy Viera, Angel, Freddy; Jeronimo de Macedo, Douglas, Dyllon; Lima Dutra, Moises
  16. “Procedural Generation of Caves: L-System Approach and Schematic Maps.”: Silva, Eduardo; Freitas, Gisele
  17. Proposal of model for curation digital objects of a oncology research center: mello, josiane; Godoy Viera, Angel, Freddy
  18. Provenance Data Collection Method Proposal for Application in Hemotherapy Centers in Brazil: Sembay, Márcio José; Macedo, Douglas Dyllon, Jeronimo; Dutra, Moisés, Lima
  19. Relations between the concepts of disinformation and the Fogg Behavior Model: Muriel-Torrado, Enrique, Muriel; Borges Pereira, Danielle
  20. Semantic Web 4.0: Towards an Artificial Intelligence to Semantic Information Environments: Coneglian, Caio, Saraiva; Fusco, Elvis; Santarem Segundo, José Eduardo
  21. Shared Research on Latin America’s Facebook Pages: an altmetric study: Araujo, Ronaldo
  22. The Construction and Application of Intelligent Tourism Public Service System Based on C-RAN: Wei, Min
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